Bill Rogers, Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist

Voice over and commercial producer for over forty years, Bill is the voice for automotive to zoos. As a narrator, Bill's expertise in medical and scientific terminology keeps him in demand for clients IBM, Boeing, Beckman-Coulter, and Schneider Electric… 75 of the Fortune 100. Bill's announcing skills show up at amusement parks in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan... Anaheim, Hollywood, Santa Monica and San Diego on the US West coast, and New York, Richmond, Orlando and Tampa in the East.

Most likely, you’ve already heard Bill on radio and TV ads and programs. His warm storyteller’s voice will have you remembering names like Danny Dark and Mason Adams… a bit of Rod Serling may come to mind when you hear Bill narrate “Most Haunted In America” or “The Phenomenon Files”. Bill is the happy, inviting voice you hear in theme parks around the world with the words “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…” and if you’re being trained for automotive work in Ford, Honda, General Motors, Hyundai/Kia, or Suzuki dealerships, Bill’s “here’s the straight line” voice is there to show you “the ropes.” Bill talks to doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical pros like he’s one of the team… with knowledge and style for sales and training plus new advancements in medicine. And if your travel includes airlines, you’ll hear Bill’s enticing voice talking about destinations and lifestyles in flight. What kind of male voice do you need?


The Disneyland Resort: Announcer… “The Voice of Disneyland”
Walt Disney World
Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Buena Vista Special Events Live announcer for Disney/Touchstone  World Premiers
Hunchback, Hercules, Mulan, Pirates (1, 2, 3), International
Up fronts

National Geographic Channel   “Shadow Wolves” Narrator

Delta Airlines/In-Flight Announcer

The Hour of Power Announcer

Commercial VO

Deseret Book
(Hodge Media) Salt Lake City, UT
Tampa Bay Rays
(PyperPaulKenny) Tampa, FL
Children’s Hospital LA
(C2K Advertising) Los Angeles, CA
(In House Promo) New York, NY
Hefren-Tillotson Investors
(Ad-Ease) Pittsburgh, PA
Intuit Turbo Tax
(Response Shop) LaJolla, CA
On Demand T.V. Imax Promos
(K2 Communications) Los Angeles, CA


Ford Motor Company, Allergan Pharmaceutical, Boeing, Nikken, Hitachi, Quest
Software, Toshiba Medical, Suzuki Motors, RolandUS, Johnson & Johnson,
Chevron/Texaco, Safeway Foods, Honda USA, PADI, GMC Div. General Motors,
IBM/FileNet, Script To Screen Productions, Hyundai Motor America, Xerox Corp.,
H.J. Heinz Co., Santa Catalina Island Co.

On Camera

Resistance Chair
Principal           VQ Actioncare               National Cable
Sebastian Sidi: Live!
Pledge Host      Veras Communications  Los Angeles
Reverse Mortgage Infomercial
Host               Newport Media              New York/Chicago/LA
Online Trading Academy
Host                In-House Production       National Cable
Taste of Korea
Principal           n3 Productions              Los Angeles




Public Media Promo and Imaging


Announcing – Demo includes Camille Dixon

Dynamic Duo – Demo with Camille Dixon

Tom Lawless – Agent
6420 Wilshire Blvd # 1080
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Talent Management Group
Vickie Panek – Agent
512 E 4500 S #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Radical Artists Agency
Kathleen Ham – Agent
6870 W. 52nd Ave., Ste 212
Arvada, CO 80002
O: 303.477.4777
C: 303.960.5083

L.A. Studio – 323.739.9156
Cell – 714.225.2455